About Fairweather Fish 

Caleb and Jessica Robbins

We are a small-scale, husband and wife operated, salmon slaying team. Individually caught by hook and line, each fish is landed and immediately processed by our own two hands. We freeze at sea - Meaning our fish enter the vessel's powerful blast freezer less than 60 minutes after leaving the ocean, locking in summer-fresh flavor long past the winter to come. 

We are based in the Boise, Idaho area, but ship nationwide! We are honored that you would choose to nourish your family with our wild seafood. 

Why Frozen At Sea?

Ensure Freshness

Cellular degradation begins as soon as fish leave the water. Your "fresh" fish from the grocery store may actually be over 10 days old! By rapidly freezing our fish to - 45ºF, we "freeze it in time", meaning your freshly thawed fish will taste like it just left the ocean. 

Reduce Waste

23% of seafood purchased by retailers goes to waste, and the short shelf life of fresh fish demands hasty, carbon heavy transportation. Freezing at sea allows you to thaw at will - No surprises, no waste

Help Consumers

By offering only frozen at sea products caught ourselves, we can promise consistency and quality throughout our products. Buyers and sellers can depend on predictably priced, high grade seafood twelve months a year. 


Our Catch 

Wild bounty from the pristine waters of Alaska at your fingertips in Idaho 

Products come in individually sealed portions, delivered to your door by your fishermen.

Coho, also known as Silver salmon, has a mild flavor and firm texture. Excellent as a main course or in tacos, soups, and stir fries.

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Forget those grocery store swamp bugs - nothing, and we mean NOTHING beats a wild Spot Prawn. Sweet and firm, we have a hard time not keeping them all for ourselves.

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Sebastes ruberrimus

Black Bass, Yelloweye, we love them all. Rockfish's flesh is sweet and rich, with a large flake practically created to dunk in butter or fill a taco.

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Don't be fooled by it's monstrous rows of teeth - Lingcod's mild, ivory flesh rivals that of Halibut, and makes an excellent main course.

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Enteroctopus dofleini

Gently alder wood smoked, and packed in a can for a perfect taste of ocean on demand.

Coho salmon burger is an excellent alternative to beef, and makes a fabulous burger, taco filling, or dip. It's the perfect way to incorporate wild seafood into your weeknight rotation. 

who we are

Caleb Robbins

Owner | Captain | Mechanic | Optimist

A third generation commercial fisherman, Caleb has salmon running through his veins. He grew up set netting on the mighty Alsek River, and made the leap to captaining an open ocean troller at the age of 17. He and Jessica tied the knot in 2013, and purchased their own vessel in 2016. Caleb's zest for life (and addiction to fishing) keeps the mood aboard the boat in high sprits - Even when wind and waves abound.


Jessica Robbins

Owner | Deckboss | Checkbook Balancer

Jess began fishing with Caleb in 2012. Born and raised in Boise, the wild oceans of Alaska hooked her immediately, and all of a sudden, no other life seemed possible. After graduating with her B.S. in Biology in 2014, she and Caleb began the hunt for their perfect vessel. They purchased the Alsek through a friend Jess met at Boise State - proving her college degree wasn't a total waste, after all.

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